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SEO Specialist: Good to meet up with @ElsonOnDemand - top #seo specialist

"Good to meet up with @ElsonOnDemand - top #seo specialist - great tips  #BusinessGrowth" - Dr Wayne Wright. Managing Partner WSquare International LLP

Hi, my name is Steve Elson, search marketing and Google Adwords Certified Professional. If you want an seo specialist to show you how to increase your visibility in search, improve CTR and reduce lead acquisition costs I can  help. I will run an SEO campaign for 1 Month on your website for a fixed fee. Just call me with a brief run down of what you’re trying to achieve, goals, budget & who your main audience is and I'll see what I can do for you.

How Can an SEO Specialist Improve E-Commerce Sales?

A website can help a company sell its products on the internet. It is most commonly used platform for marketing products online. With a carefully planned marketing strategy and a properly arranged website, search engines can direct many users to your website, which could lead to a potential sale, but what if search engines can’t find your website?

Who are You Going to Call?

Nowadays, having a good-looking website with informative content is not enough to boost the sales of your business. In order for search engines to recognise your website and prioritise it in the search list, it must be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. And that is the time to consult an SEO Specialist.

What Can I Do to Help?

One of the techniques used for increasing traffic on e-commerce sites is using Data Mark-up. 'SEO Specialists' use this structured data mark-up to allow search engines produce a rich snippet whenever it prioritises your website on the search list. These rich snippets attract users by giving brief, detailed and organised summary of your website’s content; thus, increasing the click-through rate of the website and the percentage of making a sale.

When a product is sold, it is still best to keep its page active. These active pages still direct traffic to your website by maintaining its old content. However, users directed to these pages often leave unsatisfied mainly because they don’t know where to go. The job of SEO specialists is to make sure that users are not lost when they land on an old webpage. They provide links to new pages or similar products that make your customers stay on your website.

Your products and services speak for themselves. Good e-commerce sites allow customer feedbacks that are posted publicly on their WebPages. Most of the time, not only products are rated by customers, but also the user-friendliness of the website. A well-planned website should be communicating very well with users and has a navigable interface to ensure a positive feedback from potential customers.

A good SEO specialist can also allow tagging and filtering of pages for your website. This is a critical part of the optimisation because over tagging of multiple pages with identical content will be flagged as a duplicate by search engines. Filtering and Tagging of web content must be carefully done to make sure the website is not blocked by search engines. Along with tagging and filtering, Meta Titles are also added to the content of the website. These are also popular keywords used for search queries. When Meta titles match the search query of the user, search engine algorithm ranks websites that have a matching content. Using localised keywords are also emphasised in SEO. It is used to cater services only to a location preferred by users. For example, someone located in Kent would only be looking for products that are available in Kent.

Lastly, optimisation of websites should direct users to new arrivals page. Newly created pages help search engines find your website easier and rank them with high priority. This ensures high volume of traffic on your website whenever a new product is added on your gallery.

More traffic on your website means more sales. An SEO Specialist properly arranges the contents of your website to direct more traffic and to give it a higher percentage in converting a sale. I will analyse your website and provide you with an SEO report and comprehensive competition analysis on your number 1 competitor for a fixed fee. It is our job to make sure search engines match your website to as many search queries as possible and to make sure customers get detailed information of what they are looking for. I typically work on a project rate, however I occasionally take on smaller projects. The following rates are subject to VAT.

  • Hourly Rate: £60.00 (Subject to a Minimum Fee of 2 Hrs) 
  • Day Rate: £380.00 (Based on an 8 Hr day from Mon to Fri during standard office hours)
  • Project Rate: £320.00 / Day (Discounted daily rate for projects lasting over 2 weeks)

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