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Marketing is a Science M*C=R

Marketing is a science. Your marketing Message mulitiplied by the right marketing Channel = Results

Hi I'm Steve Elson, Marketing Mixologist and Agency Director for Signature Image Consultants. I've helped launch over 200 start-ups and small businesses into competitive position using marketing-as-a-science to deliver 'profitable' added value

The secret is in the blend. M*C=R is my proven formula for getting results. When you multiply a clear marketing message by the right marketing channel, good results are inevitable. If you would like to discuss a consultancy project, please get in touch.

I can give you lead generating ideas, improve search engine visibility, CTR plus marketing tips for getting and keeping people on your site.

I typically work on a project rate, however I occasionally take on smaller projects. The following rates are subject to VAT.

  • Hourly Rate: £60.00 (Subject to a Minimum Fee of 2 Hrs) 
  • Day Rate: £380.00 (Based on an 8 Hr day from Mon to Fri during standard office hours)
  • Project Rate: £320.00 / Day (Discounted daily rate for projects lasting over 2 weeks)

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